Work Experience




Track Lead for Advanced Data Science (ADS) Track, New Delhi

Leading data science projects, products development, and workstreams under newly formed Non-Healthcare (NHC) Analytics Space.

Focused on growing NHC Analytics space across India locations from inception in Jan-2020 to (currently) 20+ members through recruitments, resource alignment, staffing, and other related activities

  • Leading an 8-member team to design and develop a multi-model ecosystem under ‘AI-Guided Selling’ initiative, focused on enabling inside sales teams across B2B companies
    • Includes model to determine churn/leakage, lifetime value, upsell/cross-sell/net new sell, new customer, purchase value, relationship management, opportunity conversion optimization, and forecast CHI (customer health index) for a customer
    • Models are developed through end-to-end automated model generation process (AutoFeaturization + AutoML) and supplemented through explanation model framework for faster and low-inertia adoption by end-users
    • The customizable AI Guided selling ecosystem is molded as a cloud-agnostic, hybrid-SaaS product
  • Developing AI/ML system DevOps as the in-house capability to automate ML system lifecycle management and deployment


Led 12+ member team to design and develop a portfolio of ML/AI products and systems for a Big-5 technology company.

Previously led 6-member team to create AI products in real world evidence (RWE) & clinical trial optimization (CTO) domain under R&D Excellence practice area.

  • Developing AI/ML system DevOps as in-house capability to automate ML system lifecycle management and deployment
  • Developed propensity models to advance client’s Go To Market (GTM) strategy of their product portfolio targeting 18K+ accounts
    • Achieved AUROC of 78% in predicting accounts’ propensity to buy new products based on their current purchase and consumption patterns, enabling account executives to drive targeted sales efforts
  • Led a 10+ member team to develop and enhance multiple ML-model ecosystem for a top-5 technology company, focused on optimizing the identification from ~7M leads across 100+ countries to prioritization of selected ~700K leads across sales channels
    • Evolved the ML system from a 2-model to an 8-model ecosystem
    • Achieved ~$50M growth in annual revenue by integrating purchase value model in the ecosystem
    • Increased revenue by ~$13M through a model that focus on sales team’s effort for lead prioritization
    • Evaluated and added features from four new data sources, resulting in ~$8M increase in annual revenue
    • Achieved AUROC of 84% on new propensity model developed for different sales channel (Partner Channel)
    • Streamlined hypotheses testing, feature engineering, and model experimentation for optimizing model ecosystem
    • Assessed impact of model configuration change, corrected for model drift and self-fulfilling prophecy in model ecosystem
    • Liaised with ML engineering team to streamline processes and successfully complete 7+ feature release cycles
    • Won Project Champion (Innovation of the Year) - 2019
  • Developed algorithm for predicting specific medical diagnosis in next six months using patients’ medical history and event data
    • Achieved AUPRC of 66% through 1-D CNN-RNN hybrid model to identify 25,000+ naïve patients/year
    • Exposed opportunity worth $150 MM/year from highly imbalanced EHR data (~2% positive class)
  • Designed AI-enabled automated schema matching process to convert raw clinical trial datasets for disparate schema to standard format
    • Achieved 87+% average accuracy with a runtime of ~2 mins/dataset, improving over 11% accuracy achieved by client’s in-house team
    • Techniques used: Shingle-phrase mapping, semantic lookup dictionary, sentence2Vec, WordNet, SVM, XGBoost, neural networks
    • $8MM of direct cost saved for client; Attracted $800K worth of project work; Won Project Champion (Innovation of the Year) - 2018
    • Results were showcased in SCDM 2018 Annual Conference (World’s Top Clinical Data Management Event)


Among the first (of ~15 in US and ~5 in India) batch that was laterally promoted to Advanced Data Science Track after a company-wide shortlisting process

  • Completed 5-month long Advanced Analytics Learning Program offered through ZS-INSOFE collaboration
  • Created over 12 hours of training material on data handling and management, machine learning, and visualization in R for employee learning roadmap and mentored ZS New Delhi employees and trainers
  • Conducted over five advanced analytics sessions and competitions for 250+ employees as a key member of AlgoRhythms, an internal initiative to raise analytical quotient of employees
  • Developed and facilitated case studies and hackathons with data science recruitment team for 700+ participants across premier institutes
  • Developed search and optimization process to rebalance inclusion-exclusion criteria to ensure availability of sufficient patient pool for clinical trial enrollment [Proof of Concept]
  • Automated discrepancy detection process in CDISC SDTM data to bolster CDR team’s capabilities at US pharma company
    • R-Shiny based dashboard automates data ingestion, integration, anomaly detection, and report synthesis to achieve more than 10X reduction in CDR teams’ effort on clinical trial data review
    • Included active-learning component that imbibes ground truth from CDR’s (Clinical Data Reviewer) feedback to optimize performance
    • The process was showcased in SCOPE Summit 2018 (Summit for Clinical Ops Executives) by the ZS leadership
  • Created a replicable, customizable disease KPI dashboard template for a Swiss based pharmaceutical company
    • Tech stack used: [Frontend] R, Shiny, htmlwidgets libraries, HTML, CSS, JavaScript; [Backend] Impala, SQL


Involved in projects specific to managed care practice area in US healthcare market

  • Created contracting tool based on patient-level forecast modeling that helped US-based pharmaceutical company assess the effect of their contracting strategy on future patient flow
    • Model broke new grounds in forecasting patient level dynamics in specialty therapeutic market and garnered appreciation from ZS principals and client
  • Developed portfolio rebating constructs to help UK-based pharmaceutical company improve share and access of their product portfolio in diabetes market while preserving the prices of their latest drugs
  • Formulated market access strategy for a US-based pharmaceutical company to optimize the commercial performance of their therapeutic drug



Consumer Packaged Goods and Quantitative Research & Analytics GroupJULY 2013 - MARCH 2014

Technology, Media and Telecommunication GroupOCTOBER 2012 - JUNE 2013

Involved in projects across industry verticals such as Telecom, FMCG, Health, Tourism, Lifestyle, and Pharmaceuticals

  • Studying the brand awareness and appeal of an African country as an international leisure destination for its tourism ministry
    • Leading 3-member team in brand tracking study, which includes managing questionnaire fielding, data quality and output
    • Placed in West African country for a week to supervise 26-member vendor’s team and manage interviewers’ training
    • Conducted longitudinal analysis to study changes in key parameters and automated the process for similar analysis in future
  • Assessed the impact of new global TV Ad campaign by tourism ministry of an African country, intended to highlight the country as a leisure destination
    • Carried out comparative analysis of viewers’ impression vis-à-vis existing Ad concept through quantitative survey approach
    • Built an estimation model to measure the concept’s effectiveness in drawing leisure visitors to the country
  • Analyzed promotional activities of distribution channels to help US‒based Lifestyle Company optimize their brand positioning
    • Streamlined the tracking process of email promotional activities from 30+ distribution channels across geographies
    • Automated the analytical process, which reduced latency in the reporting work to client
  • Drafted questionnaire to map the beverage consumption and purchase behavior to help a multi-billion food & beverage company understand the evolution of beverage consumers’ behavior over time
  • Conducted benchmarking study of industrial zones to ascertain competitive landscape and best practices of successful zones
  • Created portfolio of technology breakdown of mobile devices offered by 50+ operators across geographies for telecom giant
  • First Runner-Up in Training Case Study Competition: Evolution of Smart Grid Technologies in Developing Countries

Tools / Software / Languages : MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, R, SPSS, MS Access, MarketSight, and SQL


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